WASH (Workplace Assessment for Safety & Hygiene), a scheme by QCI (Quality Council of India), provides the companies / organizations to demonstrate relevant due diligence and preparedness of their workplace on Safety & Hygiene aspects, either before restarting the operations or during operations.


An organization is responsible for the occupational health and safety of workers and other stakeholders who can be affected by its activities during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. This responsibility includes promoting and protecting their physical and mental health.

The adoption of this National Protocol is intended to enable an organization to provide a safe and healthy workplace, prevent work-related ill health, and continually improve its COVID-19 prevention and mitigation management system.

Wash Assessment Benefits

  • TO assess the potential losses associated with the risk post reopening of operations.
  • Wash audit is a tool to check preparedness of an organisation before re-opening of unit.
  • Check safe operation of an organisation against COVID 19 risks and hazards.
  • Wash audit improves the confidence of business owner and avoid to business Protect and reassure your employees, clients, guests and visitors by minimizing the risk.
  • Wash Audit Is requirement of MHA. MoHFW and NDMA to Plants/Units on COVID-19.
  • This standard can be used any organisation irrespective of type and size. This document contains requirements that can be used by an organisation to implement a Safety & Hygiene management system and to assess its preparedness with respect to COVID-19 risks.

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